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Patagonia Bee Products - Honey Bee Sampler Pack - Product Image
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Patagonia Bee Products - Honey Bee Sampler Pack   

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Tineo Honey – This honey is characterized by its intensely warm and bold profile that allows its “flower garden” sensations to linger on the palate. As a special treat, Tineo honey surprises you with notes of citrus and a spiced aftertaste. Valdivian Honey ­– This honey is 2018’s new multi-floral variety and has hints of caramel and marshmallow followed by notes of anise. Ulmo Honey – This honey carries notes of jasmine and mint, and its soft texture and fine crystallization make it fondu-esque. Ulmo honey is also recognized for its impressive antibacterial properties, even beating Manuka honey. Size : pack of 3 - 1 oz jars


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