FEATURED: Hot Cinnamon Spice – It’s spicy! It’s sweet! It’s Hot Cinnamon Spice! As delicious as candy, this medium-bodied black tea also known as Hot Cinnamon Sunset is naturally sweetened to perfection by a blend of cinnamons, orange, and sweet cloves.

The remarkably assertive tea effuses a hot spicy aroma and sets off miniature fireworks on the tongue that’ll have you exclaim WOW!

Our most popular flavored tea will no doubt become a favorite. As you savor each sip, a gathering of spices settles at the bottom of your teacup for a final indulgence in pure cinnamon bliss!

This tea is also known as Hot Cinnamon Sunset.

tea-cupIn addition to Hot Cinnamon Spice, we have 12 fine Harney & Sons teas available in tin boxes.

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